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Acrylic/Gel Removal Kits


Can’t get to a salon? Don’t worry, we have the right kits available for you to safely remove Acrylics, Gels or Shellac from the comfort of your own home.


Kits Include:


Soaker Bowl
Acetone 100ml
120 Grit Nail File
180 Grit Nail File
Buffer Nail File
Cuticle Sticks
Cuticle Oil (Random scent)


How To Use :

1. Trim down your nails and using the 120 Grit File, file off approx. 30% of your polish and the acrylic/gel.
2. Fill the Soaker bowl half way and soak your fingers in for approx. 20 mins without lifting them out.
3. Using the cuticle stick, scrap away excess product. Repeat Step 2. until all product is removed.
4. Using the 180 Grit File, shape your nails the way you like.
5. Buff over your natural nails with the Buffer, to remove any remaining excess of product and smooth your nails.
6. Apply cuticle oil over the entire nail plate and hands.